Words written and stories illustrated for your reading enjoyment.

Violet the Mastermind

Violet the Mastermind is a story for young readers filled with position and movement words. Violet has an entertaining cast of friends. In this story they work together to build a pyramid. While they build, Violet, Luke, and Eric try to figure out who is the tallest among them. Alongside Violet, the readers will learn spatial vocabulary and basic colors.

More Violet adventures coming soon...

The Very Happy Day Series

The Very Happy Day: Vacation

The Very Happy Day was a book written with my nieces and nephews, putting them as characters in a story. Originally, I, Felecia Efriann, wasn’t a character in the story. The main character was Miss Mable, Henry, and Ellie with my nieces and nephews as supporting characters. The second book I wrote in this series included, Myself and two girls I occasionally babysit along with the characters from the first book.

There were a lot of characters at this point. So, when it came time to write the third installment by request of my nieces and nephews I did some revisions. At the same time, I decided to share the book with others. So, The Very Happy Day Vacation is technically the third book in the series. I haven’t decided if I will remake the first two for publication, regardless there will be more to come. Miss Ellie and Miss Felecia and their friends have so many more places to go and people to visit. If you happen to be a reader and want to be a character or have a request on where they should go next, send your suggestions.

The Very Happy Day: Production

The Very Happy Day: Miss Ellie (Coming Soon)

The Very Happy Day: Boat Race (Coming Soon)

Sylvia Bolivia

Sylvia Bolivia: Ready for Rain

During elementary and middle school, at church, I was a part of Girls in Action. It was a group of girls meeting once a week and learning about the Bible, helping in our community, and supporting missionaries. One of the missionaries my Girls in Action group supported was from Bolivia. When I was in middle school, I was very into learning about new countries and cultures through learning about missionaries. One of my older sisters is named Sylvia and she has always been a big part of my life. From those two parts of my life, Sylvia Bolivia was born. I have written quite a few unpublished stories with Sylvia Bolivia as the main character since I was eight years old.

In Middle school, Sylvia Bolivia Ready for Rain was written. It took a couple years before it was published. It was illustrated by my college roommate Michelle Del Rio. She is an amazing artist and photographer. Putting this story together was a fun process, especially watching her bring the Bolivia Family to life. I did revisions on the written portion until both aspects of the book were completed. Sylvia Bolivia is a girl with a lot of faith. She believes in what she hopes for and prays for, regardless of matter what anyone else says Sylvia continues to believe. Sylvia waits patiently for God to answer her prayer for rain.

Z.U.M. - Zokor Unau Macaroni

Z.U.M. - Zokor Unau Macaroni

Z.U.M. is short for Zokor Unau Macaroni. The main created character of the story is a combination of a Zokor, an Unau, and a Macaroni Penguin. A Zokor is a rodent that is a mole like animal. The features from the Zokor that the Z.U.M. has is the Zokor’s large feet and long claws. An Unau is a type of sloth, Z.U.M. likes to take its time just like a sloth. Also a Z.U.M. has two toes like the Unau sloth. Finally, the Z.U.M. gets some of its features from a Macaroni Penguin. The Macaroni Penguin has a similar hairstyle as the Z.U.M.. The Macaroni Penguin got its name because of its feathery hair that reminded explorers of macaroni noodles and Yankee Doodle.

In the book Z.U.M., Ameila creates the Z.U.M. and tells her grandmother all about it. Ameila decides what a Z.U.M. does, what a Z.U.M. eats, and where a Z.U.M. lives. This is the first of hopefully many little adventures of Ameila’s imagination. The illustrations throughout the book reflect in some ways a child’s drawing, to encourage readers to create their own stories and embrace their imagination.

My Little Night Light

My Little Night Light

My Little Night Light is one of the many stories and poems I wrote when I was a kid. This particular book started out as a poem, I wrote when I was seven. It had one picture as its illustration and was among a collection of other poems. I made the collection of poems into a book. Years later, when I was ready to begin publishing my work, I found the poem My Little Night Light. I took some time to rewrite and illustrate it, creating a bedtime story book.

When it was rewritten for publishing, I was an Assistant Preschool Teacher and spent a good chunk of my day answering the question, “What does that mean?” In this book I use words that aren’t common in a child’s vocabulary, but I define those words in the back of the book. The theme of My Little Night Light is to be hope and joy where it is not often seen. To be a little light shining bright regardless of what may be going on outside of your little space. A light doesn’t get smothered by the dark, it shines through it.